TIWAZ 2019 June 8, 2019. – It’s time; We hereby invite everyone to secure seats around the ring! On a hot summer and good fights!

At the ePost address [email protected] you can register as spectators, cheers and supporters.




At the ePost address [email protected] you can register as spectators, cheers and supporters.
After the massive success of the first TIWAZ martial arts even we are pleased to announce the 2nd such competition. We invite you all on Saturday June 8th 2019 to witness fights in the categories of boxing,K1 and MMA. Spectators and guests can expect an eventful and entertaining program. Competitors can register to compete by sending an email to the address provided on the flyer.

Fighter registration is only available via this ePost address:

[email protected]

Not on the web page and not on the Facebook page.

TIWAZ 2018: There were no losers, only winners!

A successful and successful TIWAZ martial arts tournament with a fantastic audience, inspiring speakers and top athletes is now behind us. The positive impressions from last weekend will continue to accompany us.

The audience was offered 15 high-profile fights with international participation from Russia, France and Bulgaria, in the disciplines K1, boxing and MMA. In addition, there were several valuable speeches; so u. a. a World War II member, who was active for many years in boxing, about German sports heroes such as Max Schmeling and Gustav Eder.

TIWAZ is not a tournament in the classic sense! Although the common enthusiasm for sports in established martial arts events is a connecting element between the individual visitors, nevertheless, the majority of spectators and athletes seem to be stuck in the individualistic dead end. Here is to be countered. With us, the community counts, which builds on a matching value compass. Therefore, there were no losers with us. Anyone who competed and made the fight went out of the ring as a winner.

TIWAZ has come to stay! Therefore, your suggestions for optimization and improvement are important to us. We will take these into account when planning the next TIWAZ martial arts event in 2019. To ensure that we can better meet our and your ideas and requirements in the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters, helpers, guests, carers and athletes, without whom it would not have been possible to hold such an event.

Your TIWAZ team

It’s time! From now on you can secure seats around the ring!

On a hot summer and good fights!

[email protected]

↑ T I W A Z – the fight of the free men ↑ is a martial arts event in Central Germany which is run and organised by nationalistic faithful Germans of various backgrounds.

What  name could be more  worthy  and appropriate for this event then  ↑TIWAZ↑ – the rune of men from which energy and development can be gained. The rune is subject to  TYR the Nordic  god of war and justice.

What intoxicated the lyre sung before, that won the Swords free action.

True to the motto of Theodor Koerner we don’t just want to speak of combat and essential toughness but also prove ourselves. The purpose is to  fight in accordance with  our ancestors tradition
We want to defy  the spirit of the times wich celebrates mediocracy as desirable.Instead we want to stand out from the crowd, proof our abilities and shine with the desire to fight.

Fighters from the areas of boxing, K1 and MMA can prove themselves  in a fair and disciplined manner by fighting each other and demonstrate their unsurpassable skills.

More details will be available in the next few weeks and don’t be worried- the earliest date for the event will not occur until next year.

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